About Us

The Healing Source Integrative Pharmacy and Wellness Centre opened in June 2014 at Runnymede and Bloor. Our goal and mission is to be a “source” of health resources, information, referral, practice, recommendation, healing therapies, medication, and natural remedies for every special person who visits us. We hold each patient with the utmost respect and compassion. We offer valuable information, choice of healing practices, products (both traditional Western prescription medication and complementary natural alternatives) and assistive products. This knowledge and choice empowers you in your personal healing journey. When you feel empowered, there is a tremendous shift in your capability to heal. You become your own powerful source of Healing and Recovery!

The Healing Source has three floors dedicated to providing integrative and holistic healing. The facility includes a walk-in medical clinic, several full time family practitioners, and a Naturopathic clinic.

Our knowledgeable pharmacists and front store team are educated in both traditional western medicine as well as holistic health remedies. We offer a range of items that reflect both of these principles in order to help you find the remedy that is right for you. We are proud of to offer a host of home health supplies to assist healing and support. Additionally, our staff is the sole team in the area who are fully certified to fit braces and compression support. 

Most of our multilingual team are European-trained with further education in Canada. Most are familiar faces who have worked in other traditional local pharmacies over the past 50 years!